A cross between friction and grip.
that was some great gription by that rider
by KXLB3 August 21, 2006
the ability of a new surface to hold or grip with exceptional tackiness.
"My old shoes are slippery, they have no more gription."
by Joe April 22, 2005
A firm or tight hold; secure firmly; Having or maintaining good traction.
Those shoes have the best gription on a rainy day.
by Tina Barth July 18, 2003
Combination of the words traction and grip that describe a woman who can't seem to get past a second date.
After the last two boyfriends slipped through her fingers, her frinds realized that she lacked the ability to get good gription.
by muh-drees February 25, 2011
the act of gripping an object, or surface. usually used as a faux word for grip amongst blondes.
I had much gription with these new snow tires
by munee December 14, 2003
The combination of grip and traction in an object. Can either be an article of clothing, an object, or the ground itself.
Jason fell on his ass because his shoes lacked gription on the ice.
by AngelDemon July 10, 2003

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