A combination of friction and grip if they were to mate. Resistance in a sense.
My new high heels kept slipping off the motorcycle peg because they had no Gription .
by Opium88 May 08, 2013
The feeling of an object that has amazing grip.
Wow, the gription on this football is incredible.
by MarchynekAndruja May 27, 2010
The act of griping.
My wife couldn't take the beer out of my hands because my gription was too tight!
by 63002800 March 29, 2010
n: a combination of the words grip and friction

n: a sad attempt at making up a new word.

n: a complete lack of understanding of grip and friction.
Man, look at the gription that guy has on the ball.
by the mighty boom February 16, 2010
(n) traction
Wow, I really wiped out yesterday on the wet floor.

What happened?

I don't know. Those new heels I bought have no gription at all.
by horseshoecrab February 03, 2010
meaning to have a good/solid grip on an item
"this basketball has good gription"
by Heindrik VonStriesenburgr December 11, 2008
often refering to the lack of the combination of the grippy "ness" and traction of a tire or shoe or other item of the like.
watch out , I'm going to drop this thing. I don't have any "gription".
These Tires don't have enoough Gription for racing.
by Goodlife December 29, 2007

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