To have the ultimate grip and traction thats possible .
I could walk up a wall with the gription on these shoes.
by LargerThanLife1 February 07, 2013
A killer rock band, out of Boulder, Colorado, known for hardcore guitar-riffs, high-energy shows, muscular vocals and rippin' bass and drum lines.

Made up of members Vince, TommyP, Nate and Sully.
"We went to the Gription show this weekend. I thought the guitar solos were going to melt my face."
by GriptionArmy May 14, 2009
Trying it get a good grip on an object.
I can't get a good gription.
by wildkatrivers June 21, 2007
to have good grip or good footing
bob:man you have good grip
phil:ya i know i love gription

soccer clites ave good gription
by jane goodman June 10, 2007
The having of grip. Keeps from sliding on a surface.
My Pilates mat gave me wonderful gription, so i don't slide around!
by Halleiy June 08, 2005
Comination of the words 'grip' and 'traction'. Used to describe both good grip and traction.
Man, my new sneakers have some gription!
by Tom Valli October 06, 2004
To have good grip, non-sliding, to grasp well
The tires have good gription!
by Elena July 14, 2004

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