Gouch Goo - t ch; A mythical creature that must be respected. Often regarded as "The working-mans Unicorn" or "That piece of skin between your ball-sack and your anus"
"John said he seen his Gouch last night, but i just KNOW he's lying...everybody knows that theres no such thing as Gouch... -_-"
by gouch man aka lou May 27, 2008
Top Definition
The area between your ball sac and your butt hole.
If you took a shit in the woods and whiped your ass with a stick, you might get sap on your gouch.
by Mike Hawk March 17, 2003
N: The area posterior to the scrotal sac and anterior to the anal sphincter.
That goddamn boy just can't stop scraching his gouch.
by Fred "candiass" Parsons August 05, 2003
The particularly hairy, sweaty, and easily entanglible part of the male anatomy in between the "scrotum" and "anus"
"dude, look at my gouch. its so FUCKIN hairy"
"sweeeettt. can i sniff it?"
"....i thought youd never ask"
by hemer February 19, 2009
when heroin addicts take a hit they start 'gouchin'
Uuurrgghh look at that bag head he's gouchin to fuck...
by Mattie-n-DonnysMama April 03, 2009
the space between this balls and the asshole is the gooch, not the gouch.
if you think gooch is spelled g-o-u-c-h, you are a moron.
by Long Island August 13, 2004
The mild state of unconsciousness experienced whilst under the influence of the drug heroin
That gear was amazing, I had such a good gouch on it.
This gear is amazing, I'm gouching like fuck!
by Pugman March 21, 2008
The area between the genatalia and rectum
had a sweaty gouch
by BarniGubb September 04, 2010
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