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the star of the TV show jackass, jackass: the movie, and possibly the only man alive with a sperm count of 1.

as well, the man who always wins. he gets the girls, he wins the races, he does all the cool stunts, EVERYONE LOVES THE MAN WITH A SPERM COUNT OF 1!!!!!!!!
steve-o: great! go have unprotected sex with him!
by pigeonkiller5000 March 31, 2006
the hott guy from jackass
have u seen jackass...johnny knoxville is hott!!!! i love him
by knoxville lover February 25, 2005
host of the MTV stunt show 'Jackass'
he has also appeared in the new remake of Dukes of Hazzard
hes very sexy!
i just watched johnny knoxville eat a mouthful of leeches!
by x___Kiss-me-wrong March 21, 2006
1. The act of someone attempting a stupid stunt, usually resulting in a hospital stay or death.

2. Individual who performs said stunt. A Jackass.
1. He just did a johnny knoxville of that hill and broke his damn neck.

2. Nice job, Johnny knoxville. Now pick up your teeth.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
the man with the broken peepee. very hot. the most amazingly stupid but still extremely gorgeous person alive!

the end
wow. i saw johnny knoxville and had an orgasm. oh golly.
by alinaandelenarock July 10, 2008
A stunt that was really stupid
OR a person who is costantly acting stupid
OR the host of Jackass
1.*guy skateboards off the top of his 2 story house and lands on a trampoline only for the skateboard to hit him in the nuts* "DUDE, THAT WAS SOOOO JOHNNY KNOXVILLE!"
2."Greg is such a Johnny Knoxville."
3."Did You see what Johnny Knoxville did on Jackass?"
by bitchandburn September 01, 2007
A johnny Knoxville is a beer pong re-rack formation involving 5 cups. It is the standard diamond formation with the extra cup in the front on the left or right side (the extra cup is touching two of the front three cups). This is called a Johnny Knoxville after his character in Men In Black, were he has an extra head. This originated in Long Beach cerca 2007.
After sinking the fifth cup in a beer pong game, "Hey can we get a Johnny Knoxville for our first re-rack."
by Victron 5000 May 02, 2009

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