the area between the ass and ball sack.
The move that got me was when she dropped it and rubbed her ass against me gouch.
by camhenry12 November 25, 2014
Gouch Goo - t ch; A mythical creature that must be respected. Often regarded as "The working-mans Unicorn" or "That piece of skin between your ball-sack and your anus"
"John said he seen his Gouch last night, but i just KNOW he's lying...everybody knows that theres no such thing as Gouch... -_-"
by gouch man aka lou May 27, 2008
Is the initial(wiped out)stage you experience immediately after administering a heroine injection.
He was totally gouched
by Relain September 18, 2005
the piece of that connects your butt hole and your balls
(can b smell and sweaty occasionally)
1.James a boy who i know who everyone calls gouch.
2.O boy johnny my gouch is mighty sweaty after that games of ball.
3.My gouch is very hairy i love it sometimes i even get it braided.
by anonomusjake June 13, 2008
Being Exceptionally lazy for a whole day. 5pm buy snacks, switch on Games Console, Play, 5am Sleep
John: What are you going to do today?

Alex: Hit a Gouch

"look at that Lazy Git Over there, stuffing his face and playing World of Warcraft"
"yeah he's absolutely hitting one(a gouch)"
by EbeneezerGoode May 12, 2007
a couch, meant to seat x number of people, is occupied by x+1 persons (particularly all male).
Example 1:
Steve: Sorry but can you move over and make this a gouch?
Joe: NO! Go get a fold out chair.

Example 2:
Steve: Anyone sitting here?
Joe: No, but you're not turning this into a gouch!
by ogerp jr September 07, 2010
-verb. To gouch, gouching, gouched. ( Pronunciation: gooch )

Using some laceration or wound as an orifice with which to have sex with, an act most commonly practised in mens' prisons. A highly unsanitary, desperate way to get your rocks off while incarcerated.
"Did you hear about that kid down at the workhouse? Lost in a slice fight. They found him half dead and gouched in the arm an hour later."

by Josko April 30, 2008
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