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A completely hilarious joke and insult to mankind.
-derived from the fact that some people thought godsmack was any good.
Person A: Yo, tell em that godsmack you heard the other day.
Person B: Okay... there was this band named godsmack and they were great.
Person C&D: HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious.. AND an insult to mankind.
by Fishlord July 09, 2006
Uncreative and bland nu-metal band fronted by a James Hetfield wanna-be.
Nothing special about Godsmack.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004
1. A heavy metal group from Boston Massachusetts who, although they draw liberally from the former Seattle-based grunge/heavy metal group Alice in Chains, does not come close to approaching their level of artistry, gothic atmosphere, and musical virtuosity. Instead, they come off as posers using a formula to get rich, a group fronted by Sully Erna, who is perhaps the biggest tool in the music industry right now.
John says, "Hmmmmm, that song sounds like it's by Alice in Chains, except the lyrics are infantile, the lead guitar sounds like it's being played by a robot, the lead singer is an idiot, and it sucks!"

Jane replies, "Silly John, that isn't Alice in Chains, that's Godsmack!"
by Michael Leee June 30, 2005
A Alice In Chains and Metallica-influenced band that has a lot of potential, but is restricting itself to simple commercial song structures to cash in on the nu metal trend.
If you want an idea how Godsmack would of sounded like if they didn't make music for money, listen to Testament's "The Gathering" album.
by DogFacedGod November 14, 2004
Shitty band with a shitty singer.
Sully is a dick head.
by Yo Momma January 12, 2005
An innovative band originated in boston, who are not given enough credit for their work in music, or their amazing live performances.
Guy1:yo godsmack is such an alice in chains rip-off.

guy2: you know nothing about music
by wiccanrocker March 17, 2009
well... this is easy....
the gayiest band of all time...
person 1: hey man, have you heard a band called Godsmack?
person 2: yes! Guess what?
person 1: what?
person 2: they are fucking gay!!!!!!!!! you homo go suck their hairless dicks.
by godsmack hater 4 lyfe September 15, 2005