a fag band that call their music hardcore metal but is nothing more than generic mainstream rock. every song they have written has been the same, one after the other. their lack of original guitar, drum, and bass lines is what makes them so annoying.
"dude i cant tell which godsmack song this is"
by tony_64 May 21, 2006
1. A heavy metal group from Boston Massachusetts who, although they draw liberally from the former Seattle-based grunge/heavy metal group Alice in Chains, does not come close to approaching their level of artistry, gothic atmosphere, and musical virtuosity. Instead, they come off as posers using a formula to get rich, a group fronted by Sully Erna, who is perhaps the biggest tool in the music industry right now.
John says, "Hmmmmm, that song sounds like it's by Alice in Chains, except the lyrics are infantile, the lead guitar sounds like it's being played by a robot, the lead singer is an idiot, and it sucks!"

Jane replies, "Silly John, that isn't Alice in Chains, that's Godsmack!"
by Michael Leee June 30, 2005
A band of non-talents. Career ripoff artists. A band that plays a game of media manipulation. A band of loose-plagiarism. They have created their whole career by ripping off Alice in Chains. Just look at their band name - Album names, and album covers. I think this is the negative side of second generation grunge - Bands like Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, Collective Soul etc. Bands for MTV kids. Ripoffs of original bands like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden etc. I advise anyone to stay away from these uncreative, watered-down grunge clones.­
The bassline in Godsmack "Running Blind" sounds similar to the bassline in Alice in Chains' "I Stay Away"...Hmm...Why am I not suprised? ­
by Nick Pollock December 22, 2006
A Alice In Chains and Metallica-influenced band that has a lot of potential, but is restricting itself to simple commercial song structures to cash in on the nu metal trend.
If you want an idea how Godsmack would of sounded like if they didn't make music for money, listen to Testament's "The Gathering" album.
by DogFacedGod November 14, 2004
An innovative band originated in boston, who are not given enough credit for their work in music, or their amazing live performances.
Guy1:yo godsmack is such an alice in chains rip-off.

guy2: you know nothing about music
by wiccanrocker March 17, 2009
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