This Band is the best fucking band alive. The United States Army has chosen godsmacks song "awake" as their official theme and the army has also played the song "sick of life" on some of their commercials as well. fronted by Sully Erna, who is the lead Vocals as Well as rythm guitar. Tony Rambola is the Lead guitar. Robbie Merril Plays bass, and Shannon Larkin Plays drums. all you fuckers that say godsmack sucks needs to die, because godsmack have paid their dues just like any other band, if not, they paid more.
Cool Guy: Hey do you know who Godsmack is
Fagot: Godsmack Sucks
Cool Guy: Fuck you. you probably listen to fagot ass rap fucking bitch
Fagot: *Cries*
by kevin pruitt August 13, 2005
Better than any other nu-metal band, kicks ass.
by Metallica OWNS November 03, 2003
Kick ass, best fucking hard metal band to ever play live on this earth. Awake was claimed by the U.S. Army as their official theme, also used in some commercials is a piece from Sick of Life. My personal favorite song is I Fucking Hate You.
Random Preps/Someone’s Mom: "Godsmack ,...Now does that mean god smacks you or are you smacking god?"
by Travis M February 25, 2006
Godsmack is a hard rock/metal/whatever band. They're pretty much awesome.

God Smack is a name of an Alice In Chains song. The band did NOT take their name from AIC. They're an influence, but no, Godsmack is not named after the song.

You wanna know what Godsmack really means? Basically Karma. Sully Erna, the vocalist, came up with it when he was making fun of Tommy Stewart (former drummer, played on the self-titled debut and Awake) who had a cold sore on his lip. Later, Sully had a cold sore on HIS lip. He said it was a "godsmack."

Before that, they were called The Scam.
person1- godsmack fucking sucks who do they think they are ripping off Alice in Chains

person2 - you're an idiot learn the facts before you rag on someone
by iheartyourmom July 08, 2006
A nu metal band, made fun of by people who have serious problems in their life. Mostly by people who are mad because their parents won't let them buy the CD because of the Parental Advisory, so they bitch and cry about it to their friends.
Godsmack > You
by <^> you September 09, 2003
best band i ever heard
i <3 Godsmack K.
by Adiux May 12, 2004
the best nu-metal band ever!
by Anonymous May 03, 2003

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