The hardest bitchslap you'll ever fell in your entire life
Rob: After a argument with my lady-boss, she gave me a huge Godsmack, and man did it hurt

Kim: (slaps Rob) You Fking Sexist.
by HellRaiser305 June 10, 2010
In certain circles, a "godsmack" is a slang term for a bad burn caused from contact with very hot glass, usually from a meth or crack pipe, and classically felt on the lips.

WARNING: Only extreme crackheads know this term.
*I do not endorse racism, that's just what a crackhead would say.
.....PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN! I all ways knew that lucy was a slut. Truth is: Damned *chinks* are taking over the country. You can't *j . #-random lapse- pigs are everywhere. Can I have a cigarette.... Fuckers stole my frost,.. Godsmack.
by MasterL January 09, 2008
when karma desides to bite someone in the ass for making fun of/ and or boasting on having better skills then someone else.
Tim: HAHAHA, Jeff has a zit on his forehead!!!!

*very next day*

Jeff: Hey Tim, where the Zip come from?

Tim: *crying* it's a Godsmack...
by red_raven March 16, 2010
unoriginal nu-metal band who have made a career of ripping off Alice In Chains and writing the same song over and over, enabling them to sell multi-platinum records to the brain dead disenchanted youth of America.
Gallant: "What the hell...this Godsmack song is exactly the same as the one that just came out 2 months ago..except instead of being "Keep Away From Me" this one's called "Don't Come Close To Me"
Goofus: SHut Up bRo... GoDsMack RuLz They R WiCcan and Ur Gay
by Scott Is Rad August 03, 2006
A completely hilarious joke and insult to mankind.
-derived from the fact that some people thought godsmack was any good.
Person A: Yo, tell em that godsmack you heard the other day.
Person B: Okay... there was this band named godsmack and they were great.
Person C&D: HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious.. AND an insult to mankind.
by Fishlord July 09, 2006
a fag band that call their music hardcore metal but is nothing more than generic mainstream rock. every song they have written has been the same, one after the other. their lack of original guitar, drum, and bass lines is what makes them so annoying.
"dude i cant tell which godsmack song this is"
by tony_64 May 21, 2006
Uncreative and bland nu-metal band fronted by a James Hetfield wanna-be.
Nothing special about Godsmack.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004

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