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Godsmack is a hard rock/metal/whatever band. They're pretty much awesome.

God Smack is a name of an Alice In Chains song. The band did NOT take their name from AIC. They're an influence, but no, Godsmack is not named after the song.

You wanna know what Godsmack really means? Basically Karma. Sully Erna, the vocalist, came up with it when he was making fun of Tommy Stewart (former drummer, played on the self-titled debut and Awake) who had a cold sore on his lip. Later, Sully had a cold sore on HIS lip. He said it was a "godsmack."

Before that, they were called The Scam.
person1- godsmack fucking sucks who do they think they are ripping off Alice in Chains

person2 - you're an idiot learn the facts before you rag on someone
by iheartyourmom July 08, 2006

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