well... this is easy....
the gayiest band of all time...
person 1: hey man, have you heard a band called Godsmack?
person 2: yes! Guess what?
person 1: what?
person 2: they are fucking gay!!!!!!!!! you homo go suck their hairless dicks.
by godsmack hater 4 lyfe September 15, 2005
Godsmack is a band that rocks ass, all you fucking rapsters should die, just go out there and but there new new IV album and listen to it.



rapster: dude that godsmack band is gae

A person with a life: you know what,Ggodsmack rocks ass, and FUCK YOU you fucking rapsters should jump off a cliff and die

rapster: uhh i'm just gonna sing retarded poetry
by sully E. April 10, 2007
The very best heroin. Smack so good, God himself uses it, hence the term "God's smack".
I've got the godsmack right here, this junk will set you free.
by turk_fireball August 13, 2007
A mediocre Nu-Metal band that has become popular over the last 5 years. Heavily influenced by Alice In Chains and Metallica. And it's God Smack. Two words.
Godsmack is going to be stinking up the Metallica tour this summer.
by Senile January 11, 2004
A very good hard rock band
I don't know you, so don't freak on me, I can't control you...you're not my destiny...

~Straight Out of Line
by sonicsmash May 05, 2005
Godsmack is hard rock band from boston that kicks ass. Lead singer Sully Erna is a wiccan. The name godsmack was deemed suitable when sully was raggin another band member of a cold sore on his lip. The next day sully walks in with a cold sore on HIS lip, they then referred to that as a 'Godsmack'
When they play Straight out of line, we're gonna start a huge mosh pit!
by G January 30, 2005
the best fuckin band ever..if you think godsmack sounds like alice in chains or is copying them..listen to awake,straight out of line,or re-align..fuck..alice in chains could never be as heavy as godsmack so fuck you haters cuz IV just went to number 1..yall probably like fall out boy or something...fags
Guy 1- Godsmack fuckin owns
Guy 2- You're fuckin right
by m-rod March 22, 2007
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