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GAY. k. as in homosexual.
1337 5P34|< for Gay.
you're a gay wadd.
by Adiux May 12, 2004
Devlir is a super 1337 hax0r. you: "Devlir, are you a 1337 hax3r?" Devlir:"why yes i am." you cant mess with teh devlir. he'll own you.
Devlir Pwnt your face off.
by Adiux May 12, 2004
used to describe anything that is super sux. aka jewish. refers to the religion of judiism which is jewish.
don't be so j00ish
by Adiux May 12, 2004
to Uber-Own some1. particualarly in combat striker.
also a word used by computer nerds.
Pizownt! Head Shot! I Onwt J00!
by Adiux May 12, 2004
PIz0wnt! Adiux owns j00 so there.
adiux will rox0r your box0r
by Adiux May 13, 2004
1337 word for Counter Srike.. YAHTZEE!
let's play some combat Stiker
by Adiux May 14, 2004
Cina is by far the cutest girl in teh werld. everybody just loves her so much! she is teh bestest ever! sex goddess
Cina R 1337z0r! she rox0rs your box0rs!
x0x0x0 i <3 Cina.
by Adiux July 06, 2004

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