Kopites are Gobshites
As in Kopites Are Gobshites
#teds #hanks #beauts #whoppers #gobshites
by Iblamemedad July 23, 2006
Irish term that strictly translated would be 'mouth shit', meaning a person who talks nonsense.
In the Committments, one character said "Shut up you fucking gob-shite, or I'll fucking burst you"
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
from a mersey background. actually means; when ever you open your mouth a big piece of shit falls out
piss off you little fuckin gob shite
by richard tranter June 22, 2004
A person who talks a lot, but says nothing of relevance or interest to his or her audience, he or she usally talks for ages at a time, torturing all who can hear and takes great pleasure in doing so.
Tom Cruise is a gobshite of galactic proportions.
#verbal spamming #verbal spammer #ear rape #rant of bullshit #wordwhore
by piratsindre April 03, 2008
Loud mouthed person who talks complete rubbish
Shut your mouth gobshite
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
Someone who follows liverpool fc usually dresses like a complete twat and comes from anywhere but liverpool usually completely clueless about football
Kopites are Gobshites
#liverpool #cunts #redshite #kopite #murderer
by Hugo1878 July 25, 2006
A mouthy person, who freely offers their opinion whether it is solicited or not.
John might say to Tracey "Oi Tracey have I ever told you your arse is the size of Australia?"
Tracey might respond by saying "Feck off you total gobshite!"
#gobby #loudmouth #tosser #mouthy #lippy
by Zeddie June 06, 2007
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