Supporter of Liverpool FC.
A kopite.
Kopites are gobshites.
by Goodison Dweller November 10, 2005
An insult, used to describe someone who speaks vacuously or irritatingly....(verbal diarrhoea).
shut it you fuckin' gobshite
by sam-j September 04, 2007
a goblin's shite
hey watch you don't step in that-" "awh unlucky man, i told you not to step in that gobshite
by CSG3 May 08, 2011
a complete prick that winds you up to an immensly irate state.
yer a fucken gobshite ye..ill murdah ye.
by bill hahaha! May 09, 2005
An unlovely combination of a 'tit' and a 'fuckwit'.

Rarely used in jest, say it when you mean it.

Irish in origin, perhaps, but widely used in the more educated areas of Liverpool, i.e the south-end or town, to describe the evil and stupid little cunts who live in the filthy north, especially around County Road on match days.
'Eh! Gobshite! Put your sister down and get back in the shed!'

The lad's a gobshite, good for fuckall, let's kick the living stink out of the prick.

by Sloaney lad October 05, 2007
The name for a resident of London
Fucking cockney gobshite
by Gaz January 12, 2005
basically.....a person who is a complete and utter shit head!!!
wow..watta gobshite
by elle September 18, 2003

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