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A beautiful and sophisticated woman that will probably never give you the time of day. Generally Traceys have advanced degrees, wear very high heels and know that you are not worthy.
-I tried to buy that Tracey over there a drink, but she was having none of it!
by TWalsh June 21, 2007
tracey's are the nicest people in the world.... some my think there kinda weird or a tad nuts but when you see past it you'll see tracey's are the best people to have around.
they sing, they dance and they love.
tracey's are also very talkative, funny, cuddly, loveable and just all round fantastic people.

I <3 TRACEYS, everyone should have one
that party sucked, i wish tracey had of been there.

im upset, i need tracey she'll cheer me up

that tracey is so fun
by bootylicious00000 February 03, 2010
The most amazing girl...
eyes that shine, with hair a curl, and smile that lights a room. Her looks are the beginning of th journey with her, her soul beams brighter than her amazing beauty. To know her is to love her
That girl was so Tracey
by supersb February 02, 2010
tracey is one hella awesome person, very talkable and funny and has a great personality, but short:)
person one: hey you know tracey?
person two: Of course, shes a hella awesome person:)
by McRussian September 01, 2011
A short, sassy, bitchy, blunt girl. Who tends to get her way, who doesn't let others walk over her. She will never let you win an argument etc.
Your such a Tracey McKinney.
Don't let people walk all over you, be a tracey !
by Madam Tee March 30, 2015
A very sexy woman who likes to pomp levi
Omg! shes screwing Levi she's such a Tracey!
by traceylover_ September 22, 2011
The most amazing guy...yes GUY in the entire world. He makes dreams come true.
So in the movie Cinderella, they should have cast Tracey as Prince Charming.
by J.D Scott January 10, 2009
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