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The act of reading multiple dark motives into other peoples actions without verification.

Feeling socially and emotionally insecure to point of deciding the world is against you.

Thinking like a victim whilst displaying extreme, irrational distrust of others.
Cindy didn't invite me to her party and I went into a paranoid fantasy until I realised she HAD emailed me an invite and it was caught in my inbox junk folder....phew!
#insecurity #emotional-insecurity #victim-mentally #paranoia #delusional
by Zeddie July 06, 2009
A mouthy person, who freely offers their opinion whether it is solicited or not.
John might say to Tracey "Oi Tracey have I ever told you your arse is the size of Australia?"
Tracey might respond by saying "Feck off you total gobshite!"
#gobby #loudmouth #tosser #mouthy #lippy
by Zeddie June 06, 2007
1. Something that severely pisses you off that you lose your sense of humour.

2. Something that is so seriously unfunny that it cuts you off mid-laugh.
Dude you should not have deep fried my new ipod, it has given me a serious lolectomy.
#lolectomy #serious #unfunny #pissed off #humourless
by Zeddie June 02, 2009
A very common figurative way of suggesting or actually solving a series of crises in some context or other.
Jane as mother had a day of "putting out fires", as she resolved minor crisis' for different members of her family. Finding her son Tommy's lost pet bunny, salvaging daughter Katie's science project after it fell off the table and broke, picking-up hubby's dry cleaning and various other little dramas strewn in her path.
#crisis #drama #salvaging #rescue #averting disaster
by Zeddie April 06, 2010
To ride off the back of someone elses good fortune.

To willfully use another person's popularity to garner your own.
No one knew who that bitch was till she latched on to me and then introduced herslf to everyone as my new best friend....she totally "surfed my mojo" onto centre stage!
#copycat #stalker #single white female #passive-aggresive #bandit
by Zeddie July 06, 2009
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