a small creature of ranging colours very mischievios and quick
also known as a 'Denny'
1.damb that goblin is annoying

2.damb that denny stole my shoes
by the hills slope December 03, 2006
A drug fiend. Someone who abuses or steals drugs
Harry has gone from just experimenting with pot to being a total goblin about the whole thing, man.
by The Krunk Wizard Giz August 09, 2006
when someone sticks the entire length of the penis and balls in there mouth while sucking a cock
wow i never new suzy was a goblin girl
by gfunite January 21, 2008
a sister-fisting motherfucker
inbred family fucker
redneck hick
a gay kid

goblin is a queer and a half
goblin fists his sister.
goblin is not a cool guy.
goblin is an inbred hick texan
by S&F July 08, 2004
A enthusiastic woman who is not scared to suck dick;a ravonous dick sucker.
Boy it must be halloween cuz i saw kim and she started a goblin
by D.Jizzle November 08, 2005
A reference to one's urinary appendage. When speaking of the appendage, the statement must be made in an Austrian accent.
He stepped up into the bathroom, unzipped, and shouted, "MY GOBLIN!!"
by Boss DJ May 16, 2003
a term describing a certain individual at Le Moyne College. This person has been Goblin proved by a group of friends who consider themselves goblin hunters
Goblins have been proven and one lives in Le Moyne College living in room 402 formally of room 114
by Anonymous114 October 30, 2007

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