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ugly ass person, lame ass broads who think they throwed
Man, that old wratchet ass broad, with them payless sandles.
by Delisa June 04, 2003
pistol, semi-automatic,gat,heat,burner any type of fire arm
"u betta bounce before i take this wratchet off my waist"

by exclusive December 04, 2005
A person of low moral character

An uneducated and uncouth person

A person with a ghetto or Trailerpark mentality.

A Wantonly ignorant person

The act of engaging in antisocial, ill behaved boorish conduct

Thuggish brutish behavior.

A loud and boisterous person

Lacking in decorum and manners


A delaptaed or rundown building



White trash redneck.

Black Thug.

Low IQ

Well mannered


High IQ
Cindy has 7 children and they all have different fathers, her family has disowned her because she will not stop engaging in such "Wratchet" behavior.

The city has condemn the building for being a bastion of depraved "Wratchetness" were all manner corruption and wickedness takes place.

Two American solders were kicked out of the pub for being "Wratchet" drunkards.
by HOODYWOOD June 09, 2014
(Pronounced Rat-shit)
Faecal waste produced by disease carrying rodents.
I thought it was caviar but it turned out it was wratchet
by Tooly June 05, 2003
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