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A man who acts sneaky and plays tricks on his own family.

Tendencies include:

-Mumbling to self
-Chuckling to self.
-Stashing chocolate, crisps and electric toothbrush heads in own secret locked cupboard.
-Excessive use of possessive nouns eg. where are "MY" nail clippers, Who's taken "MY" wratchet, Who's seen "MY" Hoover?
-Usually a Bike/Golf/Stamp/LARPING/WOW/Vegetable Raising Fanatic.
-Reads Old Bike Mart

Physical Traits-

-Spikey or hook like nose.
-Cheeky grin
-Whispy hair.

Also can be called Goblinos. Mexican.

Dude, my dad just stayed up all night watching Chop Shop and ate all my easter egg. He's a frigging goblin.

by huffikhkhhbjbkhh December 26, 2008
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