form of speech:Verb;
tense:Singular/Present tense

When a man performs oral sex on a woman
or vice versa, the "goose" would be defined singularly as bodily fluids produced durring sexual intercourse, thus Gobbeling the goose would be the intake of fluids from sex organs such as the penis or vagina, ect.

Other Forms of Speech:
Plural/present (Gobble the geese)
Singular/Past tense (Gobbled the goose)
Plural/past tense (gobbled the geese)
Noun Form (Goose Gobbler)

Synonyms followed by (noun form):
Suck cock (cock sucker), Eat pussy (pussy eater), Guzzle Cum (Cum Guzzler), Muching carpet (Carpet Muncher), Sample the stick (Stick sampler), give head (head giver), nut juggling (nut juggler), cooch capering (Cooch caper), squirreling (squirreler),ect.

Antonyms in noun form:
Non-head'giving prude ass bitch.
-Hey Betty, I was gobbled some geese last night at the office party.
-Oh yeah, with who?
-Well, it was a number of people...i was awfully hammered and/or stoned, and cant remember a damn thing!
-Well then how did you know that you gobbled geese?
-I found it evident as when i woke up, i discoverd protein stains on my dress...far too much for just one individual! So logically, i figured i gobbled at least 4-7 mens geese.
-Well I hear Jack produces a lot of man juice now a could have just gobbled his goose
-How do you know of Jacks man juice production rate?
-I pay him 10 dollars a day to fill an empty gatorade bottle with his cum, so that i may enjoy it not only when im secretly giving him head in his office, but also when im on the go!
by Tori January 04, 2004
Top Definition
oral sex
susie loooovvvveeees to gobble charlie's goose!
by haley December 30, 2003
when you "perform oral sex" on a man... hell I don't know. you know, when you gobble a goose. the goose is the penis. penises sort of look like geese...from a distance
When Charlie gobbled the goose, it tasted like chicken.
On a cold, winter night Harry was alone. I was alone. What the hell, no one would find out, so I gobbled his goose for fun.
by Charlie December 30, 2003
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