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The daughter and lyrical inspiration to white rapper Eminem. Apparently the only good thing to come out of marriage to Kim.
by Haley August 04, 2003
Sad young mom who can't live with or without her man--come on, we've all been there. She's just turning to all the wrong places for help.
by Haley August 04, 2003
A female fan of an actor and/or fictional character. Usually between the ages of 12-14. Is known to utter high-pitched sounds whenever the object of their obsession's name is mentioned. Claims that, "IM reelly gona marry him cuz we R ment 2 b!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!@#$347903458134!@!@!" Uses excessive amounts of punctuation. This condition is usually just a phase and doesn't generally last extremely long. However, in the more severe cases the fangirl can go on in her fangirlyness for years on end.
Beatles Mania.
by Haley June 06, 2004
a pharse you use when you are talking to a loved one or a lover.

orginally from adina wagner.
just kidding! i love you poochie!
by haley August 14, 2004
hell yes, with a more g-rated and warmer tone that makes the phrase so much better.
"hey, are you going to that show next weekend?"
by Haley February 03, 2005
Term used in Sims 2 as Safe Sex
" I really want to Woo Hoo with that hott guy!"
by haley February 15, 2005
oral sex
susie loooovvvveeees to gobble charlie's goose!
by haley December 30, 2003
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