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Good In The Hood
Hey man I forgot to bring ice.

It's all gith...a few other people brought some.
by Paprcuts July 23, 2011
Gith is another word for "right," as in "correct." It replaced these words mainly because it is easier to type. May have originated from a typo the same way as common words such as teh or pwn.
JohnTheManNinja: ya steve, maybe ur gith afterall.
SteveO: well I am teh cool, jeez bro.
by The Ugly One July 05, 2004
another word for right, or correct
"Yeah, Joe. Guess you're gith."
"I'm always gith, tard."
by The one and only July 03, 2004
A term used to announce ones desire to cease all intellectual conversation.
Barrack Obama "Now, shall we speak about how to control the Syrian/Iraq borders against ISIS?"

Vladmir Putin "Gith"
by wikey May 15, 2016
gith means right. not like right and left, like right and wrong.
yeah... I guess you're gith... well anyways let's get smashed.
by everybody's stupid but me July 04, 2004
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