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another word for right, or correct
"Yeah, Joe. Guess you're gith."
"I'm always gith, tard."
by The one and only July 03, 2004
13 8
Good In The Hood
Hey man I forgot to bring ice.

It's all gith...a few other people brought some.
by Paprcuts July 23, 2011
6 3
Gith is another word for "right," as in "correct." It replaced these words mainly because it is easier to type. May have originated from a typo the same way as common words such as teh or pwn.
JohnTheManNinja: ya steve, maybe ur gith afterall.
SteveO: well I am teh cool, jeez bro.
by The Ugly One July 05, 2004
11 8
gith means right. not like right and left, like right and wrong.
yeah... I guess you're gith... well anyways let's get smashed.
by everybody's stupid but me July 04, 2004
3 4