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the lisp way of saying "guys"
chuck: hey githe you wanna go to the mall?

chuck's friends: man you should not have gotten that tounge periceing...
by bob3540945723160 January 09, 2010
Not every day, no, abosulutely not, opposite of aerday
John: Hey Tom, you wanna hang out after school???
Tom: Naerday John, just go home and GAFL!
by bob3540945723160 January 13, 2010
when one is laughing so hard that they momenterily lose control over their body
omg dude is that guy having a seizure???
no dude it just looks like a roffs attack
by bob3540945723160 January 13, 2010
a person that is very retarded, makes sexual jokes constantly, smoke 2 packs a day, laughs like a retard.
who is that guy laughing at his own jokes in the corner?

I'm pretty sure he's a crater-face
by bob3540945723160 January 14, 2010
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