A turd that passes your anal sphincter as a ghost passes through walls, thereby requireing no wipeing (leaving no residue on one's person).
Q.= Did you finish the toilet-paper ?
A.= No man, I took a ghost-shit
by Clockwork Nic June 03, 2007
Top Definition
A shit that you spend a nice long time working on, but then when you're done, isn't in the toilet! You could have sworn you took that shit but it's gone! You wipe your arse and it's perfectly clean. Where did the shit go? I don't know!
Bob: Hey man! You didn't flush the toilet! Samwise: It's ok playa. It was a ghost shit... respek
by MadHat December 17, 2004
When you shit and whipe your ass and its clean. *then you look in the toilet, the shit went down the hole, thus simulating the effect that your shit never existed.

*the first condition is enough to constitute a ghost shit.
youll have it one day
by HPB April 05, 2003
Stool or dump of which there is no trace when you stand up and turn round to admire it.
by r. mellie September 22, 2003
You take a dump and when you turn around to have a look at it (of course you do) there is nothing there..
"I swear i curled out a trans-atlantic cable but when i looked down there was nothing there.." "Whoa ghost shit!"
by footfarmer September 17, 2005
When you take that monster shit, and then go to wipe your ass, but theres nothing there. It's like it never happened... :|
Kelsey: Hey Matt you almost done in there?
Matt: Yeah but we're out of toilet paper...
oh wait its a ghost shit nevermind its coo.
by Telan July 10, 2008
The act of defecating in one's toilet, and upon turning to admire, finding no shit in the toilet
"I ate so much at that taco place I thought I'd definitely find a masterpiece in my john, but I made a Ghost Shit instead" Said Michael woefully
by CleonRIP May 16, 2011
Another name for those little styrofoam packing turds.
When Jim opened this big-ass box, all of this ghost shit came pouring out, but the product itself was no larger than a cigarette lighter!
by Telephony November 02, 2013
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