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4 definitions by MadHat

A shit that you spend a nice long time working on, but then when you're done, isn't in the toilet! You could have sworn you took that shit but it's gone! You wipe your arse and it's perfectly clean. Where did the shit go? I don't know!
Bob: Hey man! You didn't flush the toilet! Samwise: It's ok playa. It was a ghost shit... respek
by MadHat December 17, 2004
271 53
The act of taking a shit on a girl's chest while she is sucking your dick. See also: Hot Carlisle, Pasadena Mudslide, California Hot Plate
I gave her a cleveland steamer last night. It got a little bit messy.
by MadHat December 17, 2004
200 123
Slang. To engage in sexual intercourse.
The girls of the internet... I'd go online with them any day!
by MadHat December 17, 2004
42 67
Verb. To urinate through the opening of your shorts at the knee, without removing your shorts.
Bob: Man! I really gotta take a piss, but there's nowhere to go!!
Samwise: Just go around the corner and take a knee.
Bob: Wow! Great idea! Good thing I'm wearing shorts today!
by MadHat December 17, 2004
20 53