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A guy who is able to carve out a woman when the odds are stacked against him (ie. she is surrounded by many other men).
I was in a club in barbados. It was full of dudes, but yet Gepetto managed to carve out the one female in the club.
by darren is me October 14, 2006
Simply put: a pedophile
1. That Bernie Fine looking fellow over there is a total Gepetto.

2. Don't bend over little boy! That priest is def a Gepetto.

3. The curly, greasy hair on Giuseppe's head gave him the appearance of being a Gepetto.
by Van Damage III March 28, 2012
A girl who has total control of her boyfriend as if she were a puppeteer able to manipulate strings attached to the puppet (also known as Pinnochio).
Dat beotch is totally yanking yo string - she tinks she is Gepetto yo!
by RickyP June 10, 2005

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