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Fake person or people, whether it be Man or Woman
1.I hate pinnochios. They wanna smile in your face, but as soon as you leave they talk mad shit.

2. Person 1. "Oh look here comes Amber."

Person 2. "I don't associate with her, she's a pinnochio."
by RCPTHANEMESIS December 30, 2009
Erection / boner / hard on /
I've got a pinnochio
by thx1038 October 05, 2006
to masterbate with sandpaper
I wanted to try something new last night. I saw some extra sandpaper sitting there so I did a Pinnochio on myself!

Talking to you is about as much fun as doing a Pinnochio....
by PSYKO May 10, 2014
A puppet which was brought to life by a magic fairy. His nose grows whenever he lies.
Pinnochio was shown gagging on a cigar, even though Pinnochio is a children's Disney movie.
by E. Man September 03, 2006
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