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An alternative to the ubiquitously fuck off to imply unwanted company.
"Cock the cock off you ass raping donkey shit eater" - JP Williams 2005
by RickyP June 10, 2005
A guy who is totally ruled by his girlfriend (See Gepetto)
Yo pinocchio, you hanging ten homes?
Nah, esse gotta chill wit Gepetto, I'mma bizounce
by RickyP June 10, 2005
A girl who has total control of her boyfriend as if she were a puppeteer able to manipulate strings attached to the puppet (also known as Pinnochio).
Dat beotch is totally yanking yo string - she tinks she is Gepetto yo!
by RickyP June 10, 2005
Shaking Old Hag
Shagga didn't show for work today cause she fell of the barstool again.
by RickyP October 01, 2003
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