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A 1994 white Chevrolet Corsica with iron-oxide ground effects, maroon interior, and a "Service Engine Soon" indicator that never goes off.
Hey, I own a piece of shit car. Gimme some candy.
by Jeeves baby, just Jeeves November 05, 2003
A white trash or ghetto classic vehicle, sometimes referred to as a hoopty or by older generations as a jalopy, but more properly referring to an embarrassing or a less-than-desirable automobile. Although a term with no specific origin, the popular song "Ode To My Car" by Adam Sandler helped to define what is also sometimes referred to as a POS.

Piece of shit car
I got a piece of shit car
That fuckin' pile of shit
Never gets me very far
by raramos July 09, 2006
gregs fucking gay blue seca
look at that filthy dirty smelling piece of shit, no wonder why he dont get sluts, not even selina
by bhb September 09, 2003