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Whenever a male intentionally steps close to a female who is swinging her arms while walking just to get a sexual thrill out of "accidentally" being hit in the balls.
Campus is a great place for the horny male student to go ballking as plenty of chicks swing their arms as they stroll.
by acrestare February 26, 2011
Someone who has a keen tolerance for crappy objects to the point where people start to think his or her life is a complete dump.
-"Here comes Adam in his piece of shit car."
-"You mean Ghetto Gepetto in his GepettoMobile."
by acrestare July 01, 2011
A morning meal consisting of simply bologna and beans. This comes from the movie "Tremors" in which Kevin Bacon assures Fred Ward that the previous morning they ate bologna and beans rather than eggs.
-"Wow you're a little smelly this morning. Say, what'd you have for breakfast?"
-"I actually had a tremors breakfast. You know, bologna and beans, like from that movie 'Tremors.'"
by acrestare July 20, 2011
Whenever a ridiculously obese person is playing (or perhaps attempting to play) the game Guitar Hero. He or she may think that playing it may actually lower his or her cholesterol level.
-"Gee I wonder if anyone even gets a workout at the arcade."
-"Maybe cholesterol hero over there."
-"Aw dude I don't even want to look!"
by acrestare July 06, 2011
Preparing to make fun of somebody, hence the term "crumb," which means to make fun of. The term parodies medieval battles with archers getting ready to fire at their enemy.
A completely unattractive chick walks by and two guys are trying not to laugh.
-"Oh God..."
-"Get your crumbs at the ready!"
And away they go teasing her deliberately.
by acrestare July 01, 2011

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