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God bless you, used mainly in role plays when people don't feel like spelling out the word.
Person1: ::sneezes::
Person2: gby.
Person1: I'm an athiest, fag.
by Borg August 04, 2005
Gotta be you. - One direction amazayn new song!
"Cause' its GBY.. Its GBY.. Only you.. only you."
by Yllbee October 18, 2011
short for (G)o (B)low (Y)ourself,
either A: term of disbelief B: insulting way of asking a person to go away.
A: Yo,last naight I gots me some lips from tha sw33t3st b1tch.
- o_0 NW!! GBY
B: excuse me, could you adress me to the nearest poetry forum?
- GBY, damn be4tnick!!
by Triple U January 08, 2005
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