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9 definitions by Borg

God bless you, used mainly in role plays when people don't feel like spelling out the word.
Person1: ::sneezes::
Person2: gby.
Person1: I'm an athiest, fag.
by Borg August 04, 2005
45 14
To engage in slamming, crashing, trucking, jumping, flipping a truck while driving it (if the truck is a Chevrolet S-10 and is red), shotgun blasting chair, flapping, cramboozling, bamboozling, jock strapping, smorgisbording, Regis, Slamming, slamming, slamming, cootering, jock strapping, slamming, jock strapping, jocking, slobwicking, stoobling, slamming, slamming, slamming also.
Salutations, my fair boy, but must you always trick hard in the middle of eating your delicious meal for all to enjoy?
by Borg November 26, 2004
10 2
Not just a loser but whole container of loserness.
Girl1: Matt is an uberloser
Girl2: He's a losebag
by Borg December 08, 2004
17 10
An illegal sandwich disguised as a sloppy joe, containing urine, cocaine, heroin, Jostwicks, and Boom-Bam-Slam-Jams.
Quick, put that slappy jobe away, the cops are coming my fair fellow!
by Borg November 26, 2004
7 3
A phrase indicating lack or amusmant in the subject or lack or paying attention.
"Hehe, my science homework is so easy (it's about space) I don't even have to read the chapter."
":P I didn't even have to read your mom last time."
by Borg April 19, 2005
4 7
Annoying Trisidian objects that allow people to move themselves or any object to any location in the universe.
Jenn Nadire got an orb, and despite her love Mack's wishes she used it, sending them both into constant depression. Nevertheless they stayed together and made love at the end.
by Borg September 05, 2005
6 14
A man whos life revolves around Diablo and then gets a hot girlfriend.
Pete is such a douchebag
by Borg February 28, 2004
13 21