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What position an actor fills in the hierarchy of top/bottom during sexual intercourse.

In gendered international relations, the term can be used similarly when preceding a nation to connote either hegemonic or bitch status. Alternatively, the term can be applied to tools of dominance in international relations, such as nuclear weapons, which predetermine which role a nation role-plays among others.
A: What role do nuclear weapons play post-arms reduction?
B: Well they aren't used for first use anymore...but they still fulfill like 13 other roles. -nervous laugh-
A: So you don't really decrease the role substantially, do you?
by J. Mearsheimer February 24, 2010
Rolexes, Roleys, Rolez;
May Day was so payed he had a collection of Roles / Rolez!!!
by May Day August 10, 2010
to go with, to chill with
aye baby,i got these kanye tickets,you tryna role?
by hammytheballer November 23, 2007