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Oogly boogly eyes. Used to show bewilderment or surprise.
He said something really cracked out so I looked at him like o_0.
by o_0 September 03, 2003
Emoticon for an intimidating, bug-eyed glare; no blinking.
Stephen: I just bought the last Harry Potter!
Jon: Everybody read that years ago, and everybody knows that at the end--
Stephen: HEY! No spoilers! Seriously. I will end you. o_0
Jon: Okay, okay, fine, calm down.
#emoticons #0_o #o_o #0_0 #glare
by Granite State January 26, 2011
Dananananananaaa.. Evil hamster!
There's an evil hamster behind my curtain!!!.. (o_0) *Danananananaaa*
#o_0 #o_8 #evil #hamster #wirrafish
by wirrafish March 22, 2008
The smily used to show pure ownage when talking to someone who has less of something then you. Eg: Knowledge, Common sense, cash, sexual ability, etc.
I have more money than you, what do you have to say about that o_0
#x_x #>_< #=) #^_^ #smiley
by Jake Andreas November 12, 2006
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