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Gay mujahidin: gay-rights' activists. These are extreme leftists 'anarcho-queers' (or gender outlwas'/ 'transsexual warriors' or as they like to call themselves 'Old Gals'!)... that fight for complete recognition and mock those lower-in-the-ranks who are refered to as 'stealth trans-sexuals' or 'woodworks' because they are silent activists.
One interesting word in the vernacular of the gayjahidin that has a historical reference point is Roehmosexuals: transsexuals who are sneeringly called that after Ernst Roehm; oldfart acolyte of Hitler who aided him in exterminating gays in Germany, only... for The Fuehrer to kill him after the job's finished! Namley, the anti-gay gays!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
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