Yukky, icky, nasty, eww, bleck
Yuck. Don't ever send anything like that again! Hacktooie, gak!
by some stranger February 20, 2008
pure and utter shit rubbish talk from people where i live
Go way lad your talking pure gak
by Diarmaid Ryan March 14, 2007
(v.) to improvise without regard to or in ignorance of an established procedure or format.
I wasn't sure what the boss wanted, so I needed to gak some results.
by Link93 June 02, 2006
stands for Generic Asian Kid.
I was having trouble distinguishing between a bunch of gaks the other day.
by BG VICTORY May 06, 2007
Similar to a circus "geek", a "gak" is a circus performer who sucks farts out of chickens.
It was amazing how the circus gak was able to withdraw flatulence from the hens and roosters.
by J.J.W. January 25, 2005
Usually the term used for marijuana in the local eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia
1. Wow im so "gaked"!
2. Do you want to go for a gak tonight?
3. Does anyone have any gak?
by tzepong lingayk October 31, 2006
Something that was done by ones self, not influenced by any outside party, that was fucking crap. Therefore, being an insult against ones self.
Matt: What kind of fucking shitty job did you do there you fuckin' douche bag?

Chris: Yeah man, that was fuckin' gak!
by Steeman April 30, 2005
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