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Strong ass Weed
Dont smoke that kryptonite shit will fuck you up
by AC November 28, 2003
Related to the Superman movies: Superman's weakness.The only thing that can hurt the man of steel.

My definition:

A man/woman that calls someone their Kryptonite means that they are their weakness. Someone or something they have to stay away from because they want it even though it's not good for them or will hurt them.

Someone you want but can't have can be called your Kryptonite.
-You like Jane?

-Yeah dude but I gotta stay away from her because she's got a boyfriend. She's my Kryptonite.

-I'm allergic to shrimp.It's my Kryptonite.

-You're like Kryptonite to me. I have to stay away from you.
by GuestStar December 09, 2009
1.Tight mutha fuckin song by Purple All-Stars

2.Sum Strong Bud
"I Be On That Kryptonite, Straight Up On That Kryptonite"
by OutKasted October 27, 2005
Kryptonite is a compound consisting of the element krypton, according to chemical-forming "-ite" nomenclature of chemistry.
However, krypton is a planet where Superman Clark Kent comes from and the substance kryptonite from it due to the explosion is fatal to our Superman, i.e. the translucently green rocks you would see in the TV series and which make Clark Kent dizzy and feeble and can even kill him.
Thus figuratively, it means something that makes you weak, powerless and limp, i.e. your weakness, whenever it comes to you, because it can even weaken Superman, let alone you!
Just as the song "Kryptonite" in the Australian Idol Guy Sebastian's album where the lyrics go:
Cos I can't stop thinking of you
I'll be trying not to love you
I'm helpless, girl it's true
So I'm giving up tonight
Cos baby you're my "kryptonite"

***That girl's exactly Guy Sebastian's "kryptonite"!!
by estherteng April 10, 2007
the only weed better than superman weed
the purple ribbon allstars are always on that kryptonite
by Geoff December 05, 2005
kryptonite is a strain of weed originating out of Norcal in the town of yuba city, its a f-1 hybrid, pure kush plant with ultra potent nugs that taste like og or bubba kush not for light weights
I smoked some of dans kryptonite and it plowed my field!
by Kalichronic August 12, 2007
Strong ass weed, song made popular by Purple Ribbon (who are da shit), and Superman's worst nightmare.
When Superman hears the song Kryptonite, he takes a baseball bat and starts whamming the crap out of the stereo.
by I ain't tellin you NoTHIN'! July 20, 2006
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