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3 definitions by your_pixie_the_nai

a lanky guy who likes to randomly break into song, and works in a pub - likes folk metal
Also likes to sleep and make strange noises
Leggett got out a guitar and played 'time of your life' by greenday for no particular reason, then he fell asleep
by your_pixie_the_nai August 14, 2006
Someone who just Cant get enough of the gak
Bri is such a gakslag! just look at her gakking it up over there!
by Your_pixie_the_nai August 07, 2006
A magical word, which means different things at different times to different people
Nai: Stfu Gakslag
Bri: Make me you worthless piece of Gak
Nai: I love you Gakface
Bri: I love you too Gakfeatures
by your_pixie_the_nai August 14, 2006