1) A popular Ardamian word describing certain gooey substances such as slime or bodily fluids except urine and blood.

2) Breathable ~. An Ardamian reference to the chemical Perflubron, prior to the knowledge of its proper name. Also "The Gak".
1) Disgusting, this text book has gak all over it!

2) We can use the Gak to prevent our astronauts from getting crushed by g-forces in acceleration.
by Umshaad Trivates January 10, 2004
verb: To retch or vomit;throw-up,spew or hurl
noun: The leftovers or by-products of vomiting. Vomit. The regurgitated contents of the stomach.
When I saw the sore on his hand, I was so grossed out I thought I would gak.
by Correct July 18, 2003
cat or dog vomit
"What IS that over there on the carpet?"

"It kind of looks like cat gak..."
by bmyos February 26, 2012
Yukky, icky, nasty, eww, bleck
Yuck. Don't ever send anything like that again! Hacktooie, gak!
by some stranger February 20, 2008
A noun used to describe the smell that is produced by a person that has terrible B.O., mostly arising from their ass crack, that is bad enough to make you gag.
Also can be used as a verb in the same way.
Phew, that guy has gak.
Your B.O. makes me gak.
by Beckerson December 06, 2007
Slang for the description of something dirty or undesirable.
I'm not wearing that shirt, it's gak.
by Olis June 02, 2005
VERB Take without permission, usually from someone else's blog or live journal.
John liked the new quiz on Maria's blog so much he decided to gak it.
by jes December 03, 2003

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