Someone who's septum erodes due to snorting too many drugs. Also a nickname for cocaine itself.
Ha you can tell that gak's had a bit too much coke!
by S:RM January 26, 2008
the action when you make a face of disgust when the drips from snorting cocaine starts to go down your throat. if you dont clench your throat, and you let it down, you get the nastiest feeling in the world
person 1- snort!!!!!!!
(about 2 minutes later)
person 1- ewww gak! yuck!
person 2- yup, gotta love those drips
by danman12791 December 15, 2007
A noun used to describe the smell that is produced by a person that has terrible B.O., mostly arising from their ass crack, that is bad enough to make you gag.
Also can be used as a verb in the same way.
Phew, that guy has gak.
Your B.O. makes me gak.
by Beckerson December 06, 2007
A magical word, which means different things at different times to different people
Nai: Stfu Gakslag
Bri: Make me you worthless piece of Gak
Nai: I love you Gakface
Bri: I love you too Gakfeatures
by your_pixie_the_nai August 14, 2006
Slang for the description of something dirty or undesirable.
I'm not wearing that shirt, it's gak.
by Olis June 02, 2005
VERB Take without permission, usually from someone else's blog or live journal.
John liked the new quiz on Maria's blog so much he decided to gak it.
by jes December 03, 2003
Used as a verb, this term describes the swallowing of something unpleasant or objectionable.
She gave really great head, but when I came, she had a hard time gakking down my cum load. It really surprised me.
by The Loadmaster July 09, 2013
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