semen; ejaculant; jism
Former President William J. Clinton left gak on Monica Lewinsky's dress.
by Ric August 06, 2004
Substance found under a food producing machine.
There is Gak under the mayo pump.
by joe cool March 09, 2005
A word that sounds like it should be an ethnic slur, but isn't
Herb: You're such a dirty gak
Walt: What does that even mean?
Herb: I don't know, the tele told me to say it
Walt: I say, shut your pie hole you dingleberry
Herb: That's uncalled for
Walt: I'm sorry, let's get some tea
Herb: Jolly good, you filthy gak...
by U.N. Owen March 01, 2005
To be beat down or killed by boffer weapons. More commonly used in past tense, Gakked.
We got gakked, yo.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
it is a word comonly used for hasish
lets go to the 'gak shack' to smoke some gak
by benjamin April 21, 2005
Generic Asian Kid
- someone who isn't down or lame
"That guy is such a GAK. He left the party early to go watch Spongebob"
by Calvinisagak December 30, 2014

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