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Used to describe a person who is either nerdy, uncool, stupid, up themself or generally lame.
I have met that bloke, he is such a GAK.

They are a bunch of GAKS.
by Blubberguts May 21, 2010
vaginal mucus
the smell of gak off yer one!

she emits a distinct aroma of cervical discharge..
by scabbard=mucus December 07, 2009
A magical word, which means different things at different times to different people
Nai: Stfu Gakslag
Bri: Make me you worthless piece of Gak
Nai: I love you Gakface
Bri: I love you too Gakfeatures
by your_pixie_the_nai August 14, 2006
1) A popular Ardamian word describing certain gooey substances such as slime or bodily fluids except urine and blood.

2) Breathable ~. An Ardamian reference to the chemical Perflubron, prior to the knowledge of its proper name. Also "The Gak".
1) Disgusting, this text book has gak all over it!

2) We can use the Gak to prevent our astronauts from getting crushed by g-forces in acceleration.
by Umshaad Trivates January 10, 2004
verb: To retch or vomit;throw-up,spew or hurl
noun: The leftovers or by-products of vomiting. Vomit. The regurgitated contents of the stomach.
When I saw the sore on his hand, I was so grossed out I thought I would gak.
by Correct July 18, 2003
To spurt, shoot and or secret semen from the penis. As made popular by Nickleodeon's show Double Dare.
Oh, look at that, you got gak all over your mom. Good job!
by JayMoore November 17, 2010
Similar to the slang word "cum" in that it functions as both a verb and a noun by describing both ejaculation and semen, respectively.

As a noun, it is inspired by the archaic Nickelodeon product, Gak. Thus its use is preferable if the load of semen is of a thicker consistency. On the other hand, if the load is of a watery, drippy consistency, then "squirt" is probably a better word.

As a verb, "gak" is obscure, which makes it handy for formal situations in which "bust a nut, cum, cream my jeans, blow my load," etc. would be considered socially unacceptable.

Rhymes with "clack," which is a slang word for carnal, aggressive, "balls-slapping-ass" sex. Thus, to "clack 'n gak" would be to suggest a "down and dirty" coital session in which the male only concerns himself with his own pleasure and ultimately, his ejaculation.
"I gakked in her hair once, and since I felt so badly I bought her some Gak."

"Oh God...I'm about to gak!"

"There's still gak all over your earlobe."

"A quick clack n' gak, and then I was out of there."
by jefeljefe January 04, 2010