A word used when you are unable to make yourself say anything else. A bit like a stunned silence, without the dignity of actually staying silent.
Leisha: OMG there's Justin Beiber!
Justin Beiber: Hey sexy lady.
Leisha: GAK !
Justin Beiber: Wow, you're a retarded fan who is too stunned to say anything because of my amazing hair.
Leisha: GAK !
by aaaaFiance July 04, 2010
hippy term (possibly northern) for sweets, chocolate crisps etc.
Brett: I'm going to the shop, d'ya want anything?

Matt: yeah, bring me back some gak...
by smilash July 01, 2009
One who does things for no apparent reason, without understanding their situation.

A formal greeting among friends

Someone who has what we call "Sugar tourettes", on a sugar high and says things at random
Friend -Hey jeff i heard you were planning on studying later with jamey right?
Jeff- GAK!

Hey jeff whats up? GAK!

Hey jamesy poo, i got you a valentines day present. GAK! SHAMAGALA
by Mysterious Jeff February 12, 2009
A old guy who plays a gum leaf to attract children to his white ford falcon to rob them of their childhood!
Backs to the WALL!
Gak's on the PRAWL!
by Penis Pal May 17, 2008
A thick mucousy pocket, burped out of the vaginal opening. (Usually a thick 'army green' colored content, sometimes with redish brown flakes or deposits strewn through out.)
An aroma filled the small office cubicle that Pat shared with Dawn, once the pocket of 'Gak' had forced its' way out of her, popping when hitting the floor.
by Drew G-PHD April 07, 2008
Someone who's septum erodes due to snorting too many drugs. Also a nickname for cocaine itself.
Ha you can tell that gak's had a bit too much coke!
by S:RM January 26, 2008
1) A popular Ardamian word describing certain gooey substances such as slime or bodily fluids except urine and blood.

2) Breathable ~. An Ardamian reference to the chemical Perflubron, prior to the knowledge of its proper name. Also "The Gak".
1) Disgusting, this text book has gak all over it!

2) We can use the Gak to prevent our astronauts from getting crushed by g-forces in acceleration.
by Umshaad Trivates January 10, 2004

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