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A common name in the Mien language, it is a name usually given to the second-born daughter. Also connotative to awesomesauce.

Because of their dyslexia, most Caucasians pronounce it as 'nia' or 'nee-uh'. However, this is not the case. The actual pronunciation, albeit a very simple one, is 'nye' (as in Bill 'Nye', the science guy).
Muey: Nai came out of my mom's vagina after me. Therefore, she is my younger sister.
by naibot December 01, 2009
What rock star Billy Squier often says when he is intending to say the personal pronoun, "I".
{Sung, as in Squier's song, "(Another) 1984"}: Nai can't uranate!

(literally translates to, "I am not able to infuse this molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium")
by Telephony September 12, 2012
Another way of saying 'nice'. Mostly used in 'spanglish'.
Hombre, your Mexican food was nais!
by Landolf December 01, 2007
A derogatory term calling someone a dog but can be used as any offensive term.
Damn it Green dropped the ball again, that nai can't catch anything.
by ballerdog202 December 31, 2010
NAIROBI- city in the sun
Yo, imma be goin' to Nai fo' sure- u coming??
by miss J April 23, 2005
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