A character from the semi-famous webcomic, Blue Zombie, created by Esrix. He likes wearing hats and playing Counter Strike, has a cat and is owned by a demon named Arilam. His best friend is Zoey.
Arilam: "Gah, get me my cloak. I'm going out."

Gah: "Aww, but I'm playing CS!"
by Hyro March 30, 2005
code name for gay ass homo
"Dude that kid that was reading that Teen Magazine was such a g.a.h.!"
out of surprise, amusement, amazement, “you wont believe this” type attitude, etc
"Oh my gah, you're not going to believe what happened to me in Vegas this weekend..."
by Blair Oh Baby June 27, 2007
See meh, random saying
Hello, Gah, what the hell does that mean? Gah
by Deylen August 02, 2006
An exclamation of distress; a curse; used to show frustration or grievance.
I dropped something on my foot: "Gah!"
There is a large meteor about to hit me on the head: "Gah!"
A large meteor just hit me on the head: "Gah!"
by El Berto December 08, 2005
When you can't think of anything else to say, just say this! GAAAAAAAH!
Well, hmmm, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Jessica's Simpson's way of saying God
Oh my Gah!! He stole my car!!

I swear to Gah I did not do it
by anastasia March 09, 2005

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