A term used when drunk, notably recognised by a select group of ex-patrons of the Silver Trumpet.

Should be used outside the confines of a sentence.

Must be on it's own.
by Gareth February 11, 2005
(adj) The essence of all things that are epic and good in the world.

(noun) Used to replace another noun, but only if the other noun is awesome.

antonym: HAG, meaning bogus, heinous, or downright catastrophic.
That playoff football game was so GAH!

I'm thirsty. Pass me a cold GAH please! (replaces BEER)

Let's have a GAH. (replaces BEER, or PARTY)

That party got busted HAG.

Let's have a GAHLIDAY. (an epic day of boozin' and fun)
by Brian of Gah August 09, 2008
The perfect expression word for all purposes, created by Cassie. Can be used to express surprise, anger, confusion, laughter, sadness, happieness, sarcasm, boredness, and many more moods. The best word ever created. Caution: GAH IS ADDICTING! Catch the GAH disease today!
omGAh! Gah is so hardcore addicting, gahaha!
by Cassie April 10, 2005
a random word 2 replace another word. or an expersion.

also can be used as gah happened meaning a cotastrofy just occured
today i was walking and gah happined
by captain sarag January 19, 2004
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