A word used when one is annoyed, frustrated, or angry.

Can also be used as a verb.
Gah! I failed my math test!

I'll gah your mom.
by Nicole October 05, 2003
...It's like... A word that expresses... Uhm... GAH! There is no true definition!
(Over phone or messaging)

Guy: im eating chicken

Hot Girl: Is it delicious?

Guy: It's a little.... dry

Hot Girl: You need something a little more moist to eat?

Guy: GAH!!!!
by Dr. Higgins July 01, 2010
An onomatopoeia and is usually a sound heard from frustrated teenagers. This sound is made by pressing your tongue to the roof of your tongue and saying “God”.
"Gah! I can't figure out my math homework!!!!"
by hippyinferno February 19, 2009
A noise to symbolize shock.
by Mace C.11 April 09, 2008
Another, slightly more interesting way of saying "Ugh"
Mother: Time to wake up dear, its 1pm.
Son: Gah!
GAH is an acronym, usually used by young adults of the Millennial generation, pertaining to the saying "Gay As Hell."
It is usually used to describe a situation or person that is annoying, boring, or useless.
"Man, this English lecture is GAH."
"Jon looks GAH in that too tight polo."
by cmpress November 08, 2011
a term used by some girls when seeing a uber hot guy.
*sees the guy*
by katierawrrr October 18, 2007

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