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Colored People Time

1-What time you gone be here
2-Five minutes


2-What up, I made it.
1-Where you been.
2-Man I been waitin for you
by agent March 06, 2003
An exclamation used when something is seen as exciting or amusing.
"Here is this bomb, now die."
"Scubbs, happs!"
by agent October 31, 2003
someone or something that looks idiotic but still manages to look good
"wow, you look stunuts"
by agent January 16, 2006
Another exclamation used to identify an object or event that seems to be ironic or contradictory.
"You're gay, you're mom."
"Gah gahs!
by agent October 31, 2003
Kogurian Spy Guild (www.nexustk.com) A elite group of spies who control thousands of miles of land ranging from Koguryo to Buya and more. Initiates of this group receive a X shaped scar during their initiation. There is no solid proof of their existance.
M'hul:"SAVE ME, PLEASE!! The KSG...They're coming for me."
Guard:-pulls dagger out of pocket and stabs M'hul in the back-"Too late, My prince."
by Agent August 01, 2003
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