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An expression used when one is rather miffed. See also rawr or wtf mate.
"GAH! I hate homework!"
by thezhiznit May 28, 2007
An exclamation of anger, usually used when swearing is not an option.
The man wisely stopped himself from swearing and replaced the profanity with "Gah!"
by Word of the Day May 27, 2004
Utterance of annoyance or frustration.
Gah! I dropped my ice cream cone.
by Packman711 March 27, 2012
A good looking person. Who is often half scottish half indian, and doesn't have a weird accent.
Maan, look at that girl, she's so GAH!
by Dr Salema Singh February 28, 2011
The state or quality of being awesome. Used commonly by awesome people to describe their natural awesomeness. Can be used as either an adjective or a noun. The word gah may not be used in conjunction with other adjectives as it takes away from the natural awesomeness of the word. It may also not be used by people lacking the quality of being gah. It has been established that if you question what gah is do not question what gah is, you lose any possible gah you may or may not have had permanently.
"Hey Teno, your like... GAH! today :)"
"LOL. Thanks Bee :P"

"Hey Teno, what is gah?"
"Eh... stfu... just... stfu..."
by Teno and B March 01, 2010
code name for gay ass homo
"Dude that kid that was reading that Teen Magazine was such a g.a.h.!"
aka gaping ass hole when u moon some one and pull ur ass checks apart
WOW brandyn u have a huge G.A.H
by josh jay November 15, 2007