an empty house usually with intention of having a party
lewis: my parents are on holiday so i'm having a gaff

jason: yaaaaassss i'm buzzing , haven't been to your gaff in ages
by lolxoxomm February 13, 2017
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When you have a party in your free house
Joe: 'I've got a free house tonight fella, gaff at mine?'
Kyle : 'Yeah sweet bro'
by JoeTheGaffman January 19, 2016
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"Andy's having a gaff on Saturday."
by William Holme February 18, 2017
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To put your foot in it, doing something stupid or make a mistake
Mark - His name on the register is William, so why does he gets called Bill?

Charlie - Cos Bill is short for William!

Mark - Aww no, I just done a Gaff!
by The Coltness Killa October 16, 2009
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To take from
by Nix & BL June 21, 2001
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Grab Ass From Front

To grab someone's ass from the front.
Hey did you gaff Megan yet?
Shit man she loves it when I gaff her.

I gaffed her for two and a half hours.

by NieccoCapone November 23, 2008
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v. (theatrical) to tape down out of harm's way, as in electrical cords, audio cables etc.
"Gaff these down across this doorway"
by voodooelectronics July 19, 2006
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