Acronym of the infamous web site Godawful Fan Fiction and its associated message board, dedicated to finding, discussing, eviscerating and laughing at the worst examples of fan fiction available on the internet.
Hey, the author of that Orlando Bloom/George Bush/Harry Knowles bukkake story just got ripped a new one on GAFF and she's posted a huge rant to defend it.
by BV January 13, 2004
a andrew who gives melissa a louise
damn gaff you squirted louise on my pants, said melissa
by assilem_x May 16, 2008
noun - a prescription drug (vicodin, lortab, oxycontin, etc.)
verb - e.g. "to gaff" to snort a prescription drug
adj - e.g. "gaffed up" to be under the influence of prescription drugs
yo bring some gaffers over, we'll chop em up and gaff.
by gaffy taffy May 24, 2006
a gaff is your house
as in im away til da gaff a minutie
by Wee O July 09, 2005
Stands for GodAwful Fanfic Forums. A place where bad fanfic gets its ass-kicked for cheap laughs and quick mental stimulation.
"I love GAFF!" reported one fan of this Mafiaosi type of fanfic site.
by Simple Plan Sucks June 18, 2005
An error.
He was told to kiss the Pope's ring, but hadn't noticed the one on his finger. That was a real gaff.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
perfoming oral sex
She gaffed me all nite!
by Megz;) June 04, 2003
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