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Guyanese word for " to have a conversation".
We were gaffing just the other day about it.
by dearlandofguyana October 09, 2012
A tobacco cigarette, usually of the roll-up variety.

An abbreviation of "gaffer".
You coming out for a gaff?
by The Greek 88 October 28, 2010
Gaff was originally tokened (amongst other countries with other meanings) in Newcastle Australia in the late 70's to mean "ignore".
Way to gaff me off back there mate. (translation: Thanks for ignoring me back there, friend.)
by slipdipidis April 09, 2014
A general negative expression.
Did you see Cheraye's new haircut, it was so gaff.
by imapieceofhtmll February 11, 2014
To steal something
I gaffed your lighter.
by Mary Jane1313 March 29, 2010
To get caught up in or by something unexpectedly with negative results. Based on the hook used to drag a large fish onto a boat.
Admiral Krag was the king of internet latinas until he got gaffed by a cease and desist letter.
by nexusix February 02, 2009
To put your foot in it, doing something stupid or make a mistake
Mark - His name on the register is William, so why does he gets called Bill?

Charlie - Cos Bill is short for William!

Mark - Aww no, I just done a Gaff!
by The Coltness Killa October 16, 2009